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Trade Membership

Why join?

The DWA is the only UK organisation whose sole focus is deactivated firearms. We are recognised by the Home Office and UK Law Enforcement as the primary organisation representing deactivated firearms in the UK. There is no other body with the experience or understanding of firearms deactivation; certainly in the UK and arguably in the world. Regular updates from us will ensure that you are kept fully up to date with current issues, changes to the law, etc.


The DWA has been instrumental in clarifying and interpreting the EU Deactivation Regulation to an extent where it can be implemented. Alongside this work, the DWA has worked hard to introduce amendments to the proposed EU Firearms Directive and to propose an immediate review of the Deactivation Regulation.

The DWA will continue to work on your behalf to ensure that our businesses have a voice and that unfair and discriminatory legislation is resisted.



Trade membership is available to bonafide businesses and organisations in the following areas:

  • Section 5 and other RFD

  • Individuals or companies providing deactivation services

  • Major retailers – where the main business and majority of sales are of deactivated weapons

  • Minor retailers – where the majority of sales are of more general militaria, but with some sales of deactivated weapons

  • Museums and other such organisations where deactivated weapons are displayed

  • Security and other similar companies who use deactivated firearms for training, etc.

  • Film armourers, TV and theatre companies who make use of deactivated firearms in their productions

  • Media organisations associated with the collection, sale or promotion of deactivated firearms

  • Organisers of militaria fairs

Applications from individuals or organisations not on the above list will be considered at the discretion of the DWA Committee.

Annual Membership Costs

  • Band 1 - Business with 1 to 2 employees - £75.00

  • Band 2 - Business with 3 to 4 employees - £150.00

  • Band 3 - Business with 5 or more employees - £250.00

The trade membership cycle runs from September to August. Membership fees for Bands 2 and 3 are reduced on a sliding scale for applications part-way through the membership year. 

Membership Principles

Whilst the DWA is not a regulatory body, membership is subject to acceptance of a number of shared principles. If it is shown that an existing member is consistently failing to achieve these principles their membership may be revoked. This would be subject to review by the DWA governing body. 

The DWA's core principles are:

  • Comply with UK law with regard to deactivated weapons

  • Within the UK, offer and sell only UK Proof House approved deactivated and certified weapons with, i.e. those inspected by one of the two UK Proof Houses

  • Ensure that sales of deactivated firearms outside the UK and meet all technical and legal requirements of their destination country (with regard to deactivated firearms) and where required, are exported under an official UK export license.

  • Advertise their goods and services in a clear, honest and unbiased fashion

  • As appropriate, comply with all UK distance selling regulations

  • Provide whatever help and support they can to authorities where an official request is made for information relating to the sale of a deactivated weapon.

  • Support each other and the wider firearms industry

  • Maintain confidentiality of information provided through the organisation and not share or otherwise communicate this to anyone outside the DWA


Membership Procedure and Process


Download the PDF application form (below), complete it and return by post or click on the Online Trade Application Form blue arrow (again below). Complete the online form and submit it.


All trade applications are considered and voted upon by the DWA Committee. This process normally takes two to three days, after which you will be contacted to confirm your membership approval. In some cases, the DWA Committee may request further information about your business to support your application; the more information you provide on your application form, the less likely this is. Once your membership has been confirmed, you will receive details on how to pay your subscription fee.

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