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Deactivated Firearms Notifications - 2021 Update

Some confusion still exists over what does and does not need to be notified to the Home Office. This has been compounded by a further provision that comes into force on 14th March 2021. Full details can be found on the Home Office website here. However, in brief;

  • Firearms deactivated to any UK legacy specification, i.e. prior to 8th April 2016 (white or blue certificates) should not be notified for possession or transfer at any time, unless they are re-deactivated to the current specification for subsequent sale or transfer.

  • Firearms that fall outside of the EU Regulations and are deactivated to the 2010 UK specification should also not be notified for possession or transfer. This would include launchers, mortars, flare pistols, etc. irrespective of when they were deactivated and indeed, even if deactivated/purchased at any point from 12/12/19.

  • For possession only, any firearm deactivated to an EU specification (yellow certificate) and not previously notified to the Home Office, should be notified by 14th March 2021.

  • All firearms deactivated to EU 2018/337 (existing or newly deactivated - second EU Specification with a yellow certificate bearing the EU flag and with EU 2018/337 referenced in the certificate text) should continue to be notified for both possession and transfer.

  • The Home Office does not expect to see any notifications of transfer for firearms deactivated to EU 2015/2403 (first EU Specification with a yellow certificate bearing the EU flag and with EU 2015/2403 referenced in the certificate text) at any point, as these fall under Section 8A of the Firearms Amendment Act and according to this legislation, can't be transferred.

The above represents the DWA's interpretation of the legislation. You are advised to read the full circular here and should satisfy yourself that you are in compliance with the requirements of this legislation. If you need further clarification, you should contact the Home Office.


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